About Company

Midmac Real Estate was formed in 1998 as Midmac contracting and development. In early 2000, it has made a significant shift into Real Estate Business, and has been quickly recognized as one of the leading providers of excellent real estate brokerage services across the region. Our strong presence in the market with sound knowledge of real estate activities, back by innovative approach of research on potential projects enables us to select the best properties that best suit to our clients need. 

Midmac Real Estate managed by Engr. Mohammad Touqan with more than 20 years of experience of project engineering and development in UAE. With engineering background, our clients are being rewarded with expert advice when it comes to construction, valuation and feasibility of the properties. Clients are increasing significantly because of referral from satisfied existing customers. Midmac Real Estate has successfully established successful relationship and network with big and well known companies across the region like, Real Estate Institution, Financial Institution, Developers and Engineering Consultants. We constantly pursue excellence to our services with the aim to exceed the expectation of our clients and that distinguish us from other companies. 

Midmac Real Estate Services: Brokerage Services, Buying and Selling, Property Appraisals, Feasibility Studies, Development Consultancy, Project Management.

Engr. Mohammad Touqan Managing Director