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Sharjah: It’s the one big plus for UAE property

Dubai: In Sharjah’s freehold property market, everyone is winning right now. Or nearly everyone. Developers are launching new projects that are still finding buyers; investors who bought properties earlier and wanting to sell at a profit in the secondary market are able to do so; and tenants are finding places to rent at lower rates…

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Five new communities in Dubai to move into

Residents looking to live in new, trendy communities can find plenty of options in Dubai. From beach-themed locations to homes closer to the anticipated Expo 2020 site, Dubai’s housing landscape is loaded with great choices for any house-hunter. Here are some of the newer neighbourhoods to watch out for. 1. Jumeirah Park Nakheel’s Jumeirah Park…

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Why the UAE’s property sector is gearing up for a recovery

Housing markets always require a magic spark or catalyst that causes a recovery. The UAE property sector has softened since December 2014 as oil prices tumbled. The decline came following the authorities’ doubling of fees on sale transactions to 4 per cent and significantly increasing the down payment required on mortgages to deter market speculation…

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